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Qualified to join are all those who have purchased and paid their ticke [ ... ]


article thumbnailThe Philianthropic Development Office

Long term sustainability has been one of the many challenges faced by most institutions now a days.  [ ... ]

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The Canossian Youth Camp was held last April 15-17 2016 at Tanay EPCI PARC. This is a three days act [ ... ]


The Philianthropic Development Office


Long term sustainability has been one of the many challenges faced by most institutions now a days. The focus on how to innovate varied sources of income to address to the global challenges has been a major concern.

Things has evolved and what use to work before is now on the limelight of its threshold knowing that certain problems in sustainability has not been resolved. Each institution is looking on how to make more creative strategies without affecting the nature of ones desired services because the mission is still valued.

For instance, in the educational sector, where tuition fee increase is no longer the sole option. With the coming in of the K12, much funding needs arise in order to compensate for the facilities needed. As this poses a capital intensive preparation, it still holds the opportunity to get enough students given the facilities available. Where can funding be from?

Each institution has the capacity to become sustainable. The development system will be able to lay the foundation towards long term sustainability, a system that will address the holistic approach that moves the entire members of the organization towards empowerment and responsibility.

Essential to the implementation of the system is the collaboration of the team in embracing the process and in igniting the spirit of philanthropy. The purpose of this office aims to be the basic foundation to over arch the purpose of the institutions existence. The Philanthropic Development Office is the basic unit of the sustainable ecosystem we aim to create to professionalize the donor – donee relations.

For such advocacies being created where its programs can impact and make a difference to the community, it is truly essential that an office has to be structured in order to bring about awareness on the advocacies and its vision – mission. The office aims:

1. To establish a continuing, systematic, and long-term program for generating funds that will be used solely for the development of the institution.

2. To organize and establish a community-based fund raising program to tap sources of funds from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other sources in the institution’s areas of influence.

3. To develop strong voluntary support programs to support the institution financially and to make it more a part of its community.
4. To provide opportunities for people, foundations and organizations to participate in the joy of giving and sharing.
5. To consolidate all funding efforts in order to ensure a professional relationship with donors thus preventing donor fatigue.
6. To institutionalize the brand of philanthropic donor – donee relations.

We may be after for the short term goal of bringing in funds quickly, but we should not forget that the long term gain is what makes the foundation of the system sustainable.
This journey is not for the faint of heart; it is for the true of heart. Because the journey we are embarking on is not a one-shot quick fix, it is a sustainable, transformative and developmental one. Each discovery of meaning and understanding asks for even greater depths in meaning and understanding in order to ensure that the targets are being met.