Operation Tulong Samar - Progress Report

Bunkhouse was set-upped for the Staff and volunteer (from the Foundation), Relief Goods, Construction Materials and Equipments.

Soil testing was conducted by Engr. Jude Estiva and youth volunteer.

The 20 footer truck van loaded with Relief food and clothing, construction materials and equipments arrived in Tacloban last February 14, 2014. Transportation was made possible by the ten wheeler wing van lend by the Mayor of Salcedo.
February 15, 2014 was the first distribution of relief clothing and food.

As of February 21, 2014, the staff and volunteer was able to produce and set-upped the following

Around 1,200 pcs of concrete hollow blocks.

Cut 150 pieces trees to coco lumber.

Installed the generator set, water pump and water tank

There was a difficulty in transporting of materials and goods because of the unavailability of the utility truck and boat.
Below is the picture of the boat used to transport the cement and sand from Salcedo to Brgy. Butig. This boat would load an average of 30 bags of cements.

To cut the bigger expense of transporting goods from the island of Brgy. Butig to main land of Salcedo, we made a bigger capacity of boat, and are expected to finish on February 25, 2014.

To be available to save time and energy, the motorcycle with side car was also transported to Brgy. Butig. This will be used to transfer construction materials and goods from the wharf of Brgy. Butig to construction site.